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    Sana Minami has two men come and play with her naked body

    Models: Sana Minami

    Sana Minami has two men come and play with her naked body

    Sana Minami is back for another round. She took the afternoon off from her food service job and has come to visit us again. The last time she was here we got to know her well and had a fun time with her. She is a very sexual girl and is not afraid to admit how much she enjoys sex. She loves to go out and party with friends and meet men when she is out. Sometimes she goes to a love hotel with those men and spends the evening playing naked games with them like hide the salami. Today we decided to dress Sana up and pretend that we are all out partying like she does with her friends. We got her a pretty dress and had her hair and make up done so she would look like she was out at a club some Saturday night. Once we had her ready we showed her some photos of some men that we thought she might like to fuck. She choose one man that she thought would have a big cock and really liked another one as well. We called them both and they were both available and we let her know. We had them come over and we introduced them all to each other. Sana was happy to meet them and they were both ready to play. They had her in bed and they all began to kiss and touch. They had their hands all over her and they had that pretty dress of hers off in no time! They were anxious to fuck! Go see what these three got up to!

    Starring: Sana Minami
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