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    A couple of friends go out with Yuli and one of them fucks her all night

    Models: Yuli

    A couple of friends go out with Yuli and one of them fucks her all night

    So a couple of bros are always hanging all day out after working together. They go out to clubs and party and have fun on the weekends. One of them has decided that he is going to have a girl he has been seeing move in with him. This might be strange as these two guys are always out and it would be weird to have a girl at home waiting while they go out. But, today he is going to tell his friend the story of how he got together with this girl. He is hoping he is cool with it and it is an interesting story as it even involves him. So, he tells him that recently he went out with this girl Yuli and he went along with them on the date. They had gone to have some snacks at the night market and they had played card games until late at night. His friend knew all this and remembered it as he of course was there. So, what happened next his friend did not know about. That night they had been enjoying some dr1nks and snacks and playing cards and his friend had gone to bed early. He and this new girl decided it was time to have some fun so he pulled out his cock and she sucked him off under the cover. He then got her naked and he fucked her right there in the bed that his friend was resting in. So he had her in every sexual position fucking her and his friend lay there. That was how it all happened!

    Starring: Yuli
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