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    Housewife Yuuki Narumiya cheats with her husband’s best friend late one night

    Models: Yuuki Narumiya

    Housewife Yuuki Narumiya cheats with her husband’s best friend late one night

    This is a very common story in Japan when a young couple invites the husband’s single friend over for some snacks and dr1nks. The two men end up chatting about old times and their shared history. The wife will patiently listen to them and chat as well and will usually prepare something for them to eat while they imbibe. That means she will sit there looking pretty while these two talk about old times. And as often happens the single friend will be staring at his friend’s wife the whole time as she moves around the kitchen and makes them food and fills up their glasses. After a while he will make a pass at her when her husband uses the toilet. Or he might reach out to her from under the table to see how she reacts. If she does not reject him he knows he has a shot to go further with her and he will wait until the husband goes to sl33p on the sofa or kitchen table and then make his move. Tonight Yuuki Narumiya is the hot housewife and she is wearing a very revealing dress and she is attracting the attention of her husband’s old friend. As things progress tonight the scenario plays out just as described and these two flirt and touch under the table and they do end up waiting for the husband to have too much and p4ss out. That is when Yuuki moves over to the other side of the table and has her dress lifted up and a hand inserted into her panties and a finger buried deep into her wet pussy. Go see what these two do next after the pussy fingering!

    Starring: Yuuki Narumiya
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