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    Mature Mari Mizutani returns to enjoy an afternoon of sex in Japan

    Models: Mari Mizutani

    Mature Mari Mizutani returns to enjoy an afternoon of sex in Japan

    Mari Mizutani is a model who visited us recently and we had a lot of fun with. She is not the average young model we would normally have in our studios. She is an older single woman from Tokyo who has had a lot of lovers in her life. We could not believe Mari looked so good being her in forties. Being in your forties is unusual in this business but it is not old at all and at that age women can be as youthful and full of energy as someone younger. We were happy to bring someone in that can show that a forty something year old woman is just as sexy and hot as a twenty something hottie. When we had Mari in last time she mentioned how much she liked to go out with men and party and clubs. So we thought it would be fun to role play and recreate a scene where she has a man bring her home from a night out and have her act out what she does when she has them come in to her home. She showed us how she gets them in the house and then how she gets them to stay later to play. Mari wore her sexy dance dress that was very short and showed off her hot legs. She loves the short dresses so that a man can reach under very easily and grab her pussy. She enjoys a man kneeling down in front of her and sliding between her legs to get to her pussy. That is what she had her lover do this afternoon before she used her feet to rub his cock and get him hard. She is into a lot of fetish and you can see what she does in the full video of her.

    Starring: Mari Mizutani
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