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    Tokyo Cafe Girl Miss Saeko Ishiki comes back to fuck a model

    Models: Saeko Ishiki

    Tokyo Cafe Girl Miss Saeko Ishiki comes back to fuck a model

    This is the lovely twenty-one year old student who has come back to play with us again. She is still single and working part time in a cafe. She had a nice time with us the last time she was here and we decided to bring her back to enjoy another afternoon of fun. The last time Saeko was here she showed us how well she can suck a dick. That was fun and we hope all our members enjoyed seeing that. One of the most lovely things about this sexy young lady is that she looks so innocent. You can imagine walking into a cafe in Tokyo and seeing her take your order and making your coffee. She would do that for you and you would not think much of it, she would just be the girl at the local cafe. But if you stood back for a second and really looked, you would see a very sexy and hot young lady. We thought it would be fun to invite someone to meet her today to explore and enjoy her. So, we have a male pornstar for her today. We hope she enjoys every inch of him. We know he will enjoy her. He starts off getting to know her by touching her hands and shoulders and face. He has a light touch and gently touches her neck and ears. He gets behind her and reaches around and touches her legs and breasts over her clothes. He was getting horny for her and so he opend her top and bra and slipped his hands to her breasts to twist her nipples. What sweet nipples she has and from there he reached down between her legs and.. GO see what he did next to hot hot pink pussy.

    Starring: Saeko Ishiki
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