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    Shop girl from Tokyo Miss Neiro Ayukawa has a perfect body she shows us

    Models: Neiro Ayukawa

    Shop girl from Tokyo Miss Neiro Ayukawa has a perfect body she shows us

    Shop girls! We love them. And here is a shop girl that is in her mid twenties and looking for a little adventure. We plan on giving her a ride to her adventure once we get back to the studio, if you know what we mean. She is a sweet girl named, Neiro Ayukawa and once we get nack to the studio she tells us about her sexual adventures. She has had three lovers. One of them was a one night stand. She is single now and she resorts to fingering her pussy to masturbate when she is alone at home. She loves to get her nipples licked and touched and twirled. She is an enigma as she looks so innocent but she seems to be quite wild sexually. She even tells us that she once fucked someone in a small room in an internet cafe. She could not help herself and did the fucking right there in that little room trying to be as quiet as she could. She works with girls in her shop and has a hard time meeting men. And since she has no boyfriend she decided to come and visit us and try something very fun and naughty. We mean, she had not had sex in two years! So, we had to help this girl out right away! We really are doing what we can to help the world by pleasing these young ladies who work every day in Tokyo clothing shops and can not let out their sexual frustrations. We get right to it and start to kiss her to get all warmed up. We plan on getting deep into her pussy and bringing the camera along so all our members can see as well! Enjoy!

    Starring: Neiro Ayukawa
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