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    Momoko Azuma returns to our studios and wears a yakata to masturbate

    Models: Momoko Azuma

    Momoko Azuma returns to our studios and wears a yakata to masturbate

    What a delicious ass. Momoko Azuma has an ass that makes our mouth water. We had Momoko Azuma come to the studio before and had a great time getting to know her. We were not sure how it would go as she looked so shy and like a girl you would see in a book shop that is very conservative. Even the way she dressed we thought for sure we were going to have to pry her legs open to get a look at her goodies. We were very surprised to find out that she is indeed a very fun girl and despite looking like the girl next door she is quite sexual. When we did get her clothes off we were happy to see her in her lingerie and that she has a very petite figure with small breasts but she had one great asset. She has a very juicy round ass. It is the kind you want to grab on to and hold on tight to when you are sliding your cock into her. What a sweet piece of ass this Japanese girl has and we love to see her walk around the studios in just her panties. We had Momoko back today and thought we would dress her up in something pretty and found a yakata that worked well for that. It is also very convenient as she can spread her legs wide and lift that yakata and show us her panties. She sat back on the bed and we were surprised when she lifted up her yakata to see that she had a white thong on. We asked her to please show us how she pleasures herself and that is how we started off our afternoon! Go see what other fun things we did while Momoko was with us, in bed naked!

    Starring: Momoko Azuma
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