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    Kaori Sakuraba is in white lingerie with stockings a garter and thong panties

    Models: Kaori Sakuraba

    Kaori Sakuraba is in white lingerie with stockings a garter and thong panties

    We are meeting an old friend today. This is a model that came to see us a few years ago and now she is back to play some more. We love it when these sexy young ladies come back. That means that they really enjoyed the first time they came to visit and really have been longing to come back and see us again and get a little love while they are here. This is Miss Kaori Sakuraba and she is hot and she is sexy and she loves cock! We decided to give the lovely Miss Sakuraba a cute outfit to wear for us. We picked out something that looks very cute that we thought would also suit her personality. We wanted something that would bring out the fun side of her and also the wild side. We thought some stockings with a garter and thong panties would be fun. She wore them well and we got a great view of her plump and juicy ass. How fucking hot she looked in that white outfit, like a bride on her wedding night. She also had on a collar of some sort that was attached to a leash. Wow, this was going to get interesting. And of course with this cute outfit we wanted her to wear something on her head and cat ears seemed fitting. Now that we got the outfit all sorted we told her to sit down and spread her legs and start to finger her pussy. We didnโ€™t want to waste any more time and we wanted the pussy!! She was kind enough to just obey and she reached down between her legs and started to play with her clit as we reached in and started to play with her tits. Of fuck she looked so good in white! Shop the lingerie worn by the model during the shoot here:

    Starring: Kaori Sakuraba
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