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    Saeko Ishiki shows us her sexy figure and fucks us hard

    Models: Saeko Ishiki

    Saeko Ishiki shows us her sexy figure and fucks us hard

    What a surprise we got from the lovey Miss Saeko Ishiki today. She contacted us as she wanted to part of our stable of hot women who get naked on their first time doing a porn shoot. We are of course happy to meet new women. She is still studying and is just twenty-one years old. She is a busy girl with all her studies and also working part time at a cafe. She tells us that she has no boyfriend and just hangs out with friends on most of her days off. She gave us a big surprise when she started telling us about her former job. She explained that she worked at a massage parlor. She explains that it was mostly vanilla as the clients would wear a special underwear and nothing would happen when she would massage them. But this one time she had a customer she fancied and she kind of started to massage his crotch. And then since she was horny and he was her type she took him to the back and fucked him. That was so crazy to hear as she seems to be such a quiet girl. We were not sure what to make of it as she explained that she seldom masturbates and has only had a couple of boyfriends. We were very curious so we went in for a closer look. We started by kissing and then we got her to take off her clothes and the second surprise was that she had a very sexy figure. Fuck! We now wanted more of her. We started to rub her… Go see what we did next. You are going to love it! She was so fucking hot!

    Starring: Saeko Ishiki
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