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    Xian’erai Enjoys Passionate Sex With Her Long Distance Lover

    Models: Xian'erai

    Xian’erai Enjoys Passionate Sex With Her Long Distance Lover

    Xian’erai is one of the hottest girls you’ll see. And she is in love with a DJ. The only problem is that they don’t live together. He’s from Beijing and whenever he visits Taiwan they make the most of the little time they have together. Her lover always remembers the steamy nights they experienced in each other’s company. This is a video of one such night, in which you will realize why Xian’erai is so loved. She looks stunning, especially when she is wearing elegant outfits. On this particular night, they come home after a date and they can’t wait to have sex. The way they kiss and touch each other makes you feel the tension between them. When Xian’erai is finally undressed, you’ll fall in love with her too. She is tall and skinny. But her best features are those gorgeous natural titties that hang and jiggle so nicely on her chest. On top of that, she has such a pretty face. You’ll get to take in the beauty of her face when she gets on her knees and sucks off her lover. The way her long and dark hair is falling on her back as she is kneeling with a cock in her mouth is also maddening. After the blowjob, she gets on top of her lover and starts riding him in such an erotic way. It’s amazing how the man didn’t cum after a minute. They make love in so many positions, and then the lover takes off his condom to cover her tight belly in his fresh jizz. Would you fly back to Beijing if you had such a gorgeous Taiwanese husband?

    Starring: Xian'erai
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