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    Godmother is looking to date but is seduced by her godson first

    Models: Xian'erai

    Godmother is looking to date but is seduced by her godson first

    A young man is going off to college. He is now old enough he thinks to take care of himself. He will be leaving his godmother who has taken care of him for years. She is single and has done this all by herself. She is getting a bit older and longs for a man to be close to her. She has even joined an online group looking for someone to date. Her godson thinks he should be the one to take care of her and he suggests this to her. She has always thought of him as someone to take care of and has never thought of him in that way, but now that he is in college and older he is old enough to be a lover. He then decides to show her that he indeed can be a good lover and take care of all her sexual needs as well. As it happens he has told her this as she is just coming out of the shower so she has nothing but a towel on. Her towel falls to the ground and now he has a chance to see her naked body and seducer her and please her sexually. He lays her down and kisses her mouth and grabs her tits to seduce her. He then kisses her breasts and reaches his hand between her legs to play with her pussy. He likes what he is feeling and decides he wants to lick her and kiss her pussy too. He spreads her legs and opens her pussy. She is aroused and accepts his advances. They spend the next hour having sex in many positions and she enjoys this college boys hard cock inside her and climaxes too.

    Starring: Xian'erai
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