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    Time to Take Care of Mama

    Models: Kiki Klout

    Time to Take Care of Mama

    When Jay Romero is fucking around, he accidentally splashes his stepmom, Kiki Klout! He doesn’t seem to care that he disrupted mama’s sunbathing for his silly little hijinks. She’s pissed, and tells him to stop fucking around and put some oil on mama! The glamorous stepmom uses this as a chance to chastise him for not doing anything that’s been asked of him. He could at least come do something! He’s gotta meet his girlfriend, so he’s feeling rushed by his stepmom. He gets to work massaging in that oil. He cannot help but notice how smokin’ hot his stepmom is. He doesn’t miss a single spot, oiling up every inch of Kiki’s body with his fingers. Lo and behold, she asks him to really take care of her, and he handles all of mama’s needs!

    Starring: Kiki Klout
    Duration: 0:23:36 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1674.21 MB


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