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    Stepmom Needs A Big Strong Man

    Models: Kenzie Love

    Stepmom Needs A Big Strong Man

    Kenzie Love steps out of the shower and decks herself out in a leather bra and thong, followed by a mask. Slipping into a little black dress, Kenzie goes to work snapping risqué photos of herself. Then she takes her dress off and crawls into bed. Her hands get busy, plumping her tits and then rubbing her clit. As she pulls her thong aside, Kenzie begins masturbating.
    When Kenzie realizes that her stepson, Jay Romero, is standing in the doorway watching her, Kenzie beckons him inside. She tells him that she needs a big strong man and that she doesn't care if she's his stepmom. Besides, she's wearing a mask so she's totally anonymous. Before Jay can come up with any other reasons why they can't fuck, Kenzie gets on her knees to blow him and suck his balls so that his protests die away.

    Starring: Kenzie Love
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