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    Cheating Housewife, Hasumi, Gets Fucked On Hot Spring Date

    Models: Hasumi

    Cheating Housewife, Hasumi, Gets Fucked On Hot Spring Date

    Hasumi is a good housewife with a dirty secret. She’s always at home, waiting for her husband to come from work and ensuring the house is spotless. But now and then, she makes up an excuse to see her secret lover, who is much older than her and who fucks her tight little pussy so well. This time, she told her husband she’ll go out with friends, but instead goes on a date with her secret lover to a private hot spring. As soon as they got to the hot spring, her lover jumped on her and started kissing her passionately. After a teasing kissing session, the couple changed into bathrobes. The mature lover uncovered Hasumi’s perfect body and enjoyed the sight of her beauty. She has such nice curves, D-cup natural titties, and a delicious-looking hairy pussy. When they got in the hot tub, he explored her entire body, playing with her tits and spreading her ass open to see her holes from up close. They keep on teasing each other in so many ways. When the guy gets out of the water, we finally see why she is so crazy for him. His dick is way bigger than her hubby’s small cock. She enjoyed rubbing her clit on it while washing each other’s bodies. After all this teasing, it was time for Hasumi to put her mouth to good use. She worshipped her lover’s big fat cock. She pleased him with a perfect and passionate blowjob until the guy shot his massive load in her mouth. And this is just the beginning of a great hot spring date.

    Starring: Hasumi
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