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    Hasumi’s Cheating Adventure Moves In The Bedroom

    Models: Hasumi

    Hasumi’s Cheating Adventure Moves In The Bedroom

    Hasumi has a full day to enjoy with her secret lover while her husband waits for her at home. And after she teased her lover with an amazing blowjob in the hot spring, it’s time for her to get some action as well. The horny lovebirds moved things into the bedroom, where they could properly enjoy their adultery. Her lover returned the favor for that awesome blowjob with an oral and fingering session. Her pussy is wet as fuck, in a way in which her husband never got her. Her lover enjoyed the taste of her juices and finger-blasted her until she started screaming. But she couldn’t wait to feel his big cock inside her twat. But she wanted to feel it in her mouth more and get it all hard and wet for her hairy hole. After she properly sucked it, her time to enjoy a drilling has come. She got on her back and took it all in. Then she got on top and rode that big fat cock like a horny slut wife. She even came while she was jumping on the dick. That orgasm made her body twitch and shiver. She surely forgot that she was even married when that big dick was hitting her G-spot. And that wasn’t all. She got fucked a lot more after that first orgasm. Her lover has so much stamina, and he fucked her in so many positions without stopping. She came so much on his dick. When the lover was ready to cum, he started drilling her furiously. He used her like a flashlight, pulling her on his dick while her tits bounced crazily. And then he released his sperm load inside her satisfied cunt.

    Starring: Hasumi
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