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    Mean Congresswoman, Xian’erai, Gets Blackmailed By Her Assistant

    Models: Xian'erai

    Mean Congresswoman, Xian’erai, Gets Blackmailed By Her Assistant

    Xian’erai is a congresswoman in the middle of the election campaign. She overworks her staff, and she’s also mean when they ask her for breaks and annual leaves. She’s a boss from hell, and her assistants have had enough of her tyranny. One of them decides to film some of her interactions in secret. He filmed her treating one of her assistants poorly and has a video of her colluding with the syndicates. After posting the first video, the assistant told Xian’erai that he’d also post the second video on the web. But Xian’erai is quick to cut a deal with her assistant. She is ready to let him fuck her if he deletes the video. The assistant couldn’t say no to such a proposal. Xian’erai is a smoking hot brunette with juicy tits and a slutty look in her eyes. So, he agrees to delete the video if she performs well. Xian’erai gets on her knees and starts sucking. She gives him her best, even trying to take his dick down her throat and suck on it. She put his cock between her big tits and got it so big. Xian’erai was no longer just accepting the blackmail. She wanted that dick in her pussy. She asked for permission to get on top of the assistant and enjoyed his dick a little too much. As she was moaning and screaming, Xian’erai was begging her assistant to delete the compromising video. They fucked for so long in so many positions. It wasn’t a blackmail anymore. These two had a connection. After a while, the congresswoman started begging her assistant to cum for her. The guy took out his dick and came all over her titties. She hasn’t been fucked this well in a long time. Maybe that’s why she needed to act nicer with her staff.

    Starring: Xian'erai
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