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    Isa's Submissive Refusal

    Models: Isa Mendez

    Isa's Submissive Refusal

    Isa, like many of our most recent models, is from Florida...they're all thin and beautiful, young and slutty...when you start to examine the tan lines on their perfect little asses, it's easy to see how they spend their spare time...showing off those asses at the beach...the bikinis that made those tan lines were not covering very much...Isa is one of these southern specimen and I revel in using her body and having my way...she has a bit of BDSM experience from top and bottom, and an interest in both roles...but today we examine just how submissive Isa is...her pussy gets wet just from being bound, but she would rather NOT follow protocols...Isa draws the line of her submission at her head...she offers up her body for just about any treatment, but she seems to refuse certain other submissions...she doesnt take direction very well...I only have two requests of the women I dominate...announce thine orgasms and use thine red word....Isa was very bad at both...and her body pays the price...but from the look of her frothy pussy, I have a feeling that Isa is the one who was having her way....

    Actors: Isa Mendez
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