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    The True Submissive

    Models: Jay Taylor
    The True Submissive

    Jay is a very young woman whose thin body and amazing tits highlight her emerging womanhood...and she is also very happily submissive...that does not mean that Jay is ultra tough or unbreakable...In fact, many of the toughest BDSM players that we know aren't submissive at all...they are just able to endure more sensation...and this should not be confused with submission...Jay does what I say, when I say it and she always makes sure to thank her sir...and she also allows me much freedom to test her body...probably more than she is used to...and that makes me happy...You'll see Jay suffering much throughout the course of the shoot and she feels every moment of my control...toughness and tolerance of sensation are great qualities for a submissive to have...and can be learned easily through experience and training...Jay has something that you cannot teach many BDSM freaks...a true drive to please her Sir...

    Actors: Jay Taylor
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