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    Has Oiled Up Sex With Her Slave

    Models: Rion Nishikawa

    Has Oiled Up Sex With Her Slave

    Even dominas need to be fucked sometimes. After acting so tough and putting her slave through so many humiliating BDSM kinks in the previous scene, our busty mistress Rion Nishikawa needed to feel like a woman and get her pussy drilled for a bit. She uses her slave as a living sex toy. She had him oil up her entire body and massage her tits. Then she even let the guy rub her sensitive nipples with his cock. Slowly, her submissive feminine side comes out. But she is still in control. She wants to play with the dick and makes her slave get on his back so that she can offer him a boob job and suck his dick for a bit. She keeps teasing and taunting the slave, making him beg her to put it in the pussy. And that’s because she wants an extra hard and horny dick for her precious hairy cunt. And when she considered that the cock was ready, she got on top of her slave and started riding him to show him that she was still the boss. But the hornier she got, the more submissive she became. After a while, she got on all fours and spread open her big juicy ass to get her horny cunt fucked from behind. The slave proved himself by drilling her pussy so hard and fast. Her big juicy tits were flying all over the place. After some fucking, Rion forgot that she’s a domina. She became a cumslut who was screaming while her pussy got ravished. And she got a massive creampie at the end of the session. you would cum even more if you’d be dominated and teased by such a mistress.

    Starring: Rion Nishikawa
    Duration: 27:75 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1674.21 MB

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