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    A Perfect Submissive

    Models: Molly Mae

    A Perfect Submissive

    We all see these young and beautiful women in our day to day lives...stuffing themselves into the tightest and hottest outfits they can find...objecti fying themselves and loving it...and not realizing how far those pleasures can go....Feenix plans a day of objectification through bound punishment, submissive conditioning and plenty of pleasure overload...Molly has serious interests in experiencing what he has in store for her, and she submits very well from the first minute...Feenix has a field day, binding her lovely little body effortlessly into strict and immobile positions, which gives him access to focus his efforts as he pleases...Molly responds like a perfect sex slave, accepting her punishments with erotic flair and enjoying the pleasure he demands of her, like a well trained whore...

    Actors: Molly Mae
    Duration: 63:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1691.01 MB

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