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    Sex Doll, Yuli, Fucked Hard By Her Maker

    Models: Yuli

    Sex Doll, Yuli, Fucked Hard By Her Maker

    This is the story of a modern Geppetto. A young craftsman is extremely talented. So many realistic creations are coming out of his hands. The helper he keeps in his shop gave him an idea. Why not create real-sized puppets who can be dressed and put in any position? He started thinking about the idea and his imagination ran wild. He imagined that he created a sex doll that came to life. This movie will show you the dream of a young artist enjoying his doll. The doll is Yuli, a gorgeous skinny brunette who knows how to act like an obedient puppet who just wants to please her master. She is dressed in vintage clothes, but that doesn’t matter that much, because the master makes sure to remove them pretty fast. He enjoys exploring her body by playing with her tits and lifting up her skirt to slip his hand into her panties. The little doll loves having her pussy fingered. But what she also loves is to worship the dick of her master. Even though she’s static most of the time, letting her master do whatever he wants to her body, she turns into a proactive sucker when she has a cock in her mouth. After she sucked her master well, she got on top of his working desk and spread her legs to let him penetrate her tight pussy. She got fucked so hard in many positions. And she enjoyed every moment of it. After he was sufficiently pleased by her pussy, the master made her suck on his cock some more so that he can cum in her mouth.

    Starring: Yuli
    Duration: 29:75 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1874.21 MB

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