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    Yuli Gets Fucked By An Invisible Man On The Train

    Models: Yuli

    Yuli Gets Fucked By An Invisible Man On The Train

    Do you ever dream of being invisible just to peek under the skirts of sexy babes on the train? This fantasy runs through the head of many horny guys who are daydreaming when checking out hot chicks on public transportation. This movie is about such guy who has a special power. After he tried interacting with hot chicks on the train, only to be turned down, he decided to use a magic ring which makes him invisible. He went back on the train and picked Yuli for his naughty adventure. He started by peeking under her skirt and lifting it up to reveal her ass. Yuli was scared and started acted strange. She took a seat and our invisible guy went straight to her and put his cock in her mouth. The other passengers on the train were creeped out by the image of Yuli blowing a ghost. So they left the train. Now that he was alone with the girl, he took full advantage of her. He stripped off her clothes and fucked her in so many positions. Even though the girl was scared, when the cock entered her tight little pussy, she started to feel good. She accepted her faith of being fucked by a ghost. She even had an orgasm on the invisible dick that was fucking her so well. At the end of the adventure, our invisible guy came in her mouth. And the cum wasn’t invisible. That’s when Yuli understood what happened. But it was too late. The invisible guy left the scene, leaving Yuli naked on the train.

    Starring: Yuli
    Duration: 22:75 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1374.21 MB

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