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    Yuli Is A Gold Digger Who Tricked Her New Lover Into Quarantine Sex

    Models: Yuli

    Yuli Is A Gold Digger Who Tricked Her New Lover Into Quarantine Sex

    Being the child of a rich family is hard. You have to work every day in the companies owned by your parents, and you have no time for yourself. That’s the story of the rich young guy in this film. Lucky for him, his mom is helping out with his dating life. She even sent a new potential girlfriend to his home on his day off. No other than Yuli, a hot petite brunette. The girl came, and she seemed nice. But while they were getting to know each other, two officials dressed up in hazard suits came to their door and announced to them that they had to quarantine for seven days. When the rich guy went to get things ready for his new forced guest, we found out that the medical officials and Yuli were hand in hand to trick the guy. Being in the same home for seven days, surely it’s enough time for this little gold digger to work her magic. She only needed two days to get the young man under his spell. After two days of walking around the house and acting like a horny little slut, the guy broke, and he asked Yuli to suck his cock. The girl pretended that she had never done it so quickly before but dropped to her knees and put his dick down her throat. After that, the rich young guy wanted to impress Yuli with his tongue skills. He took her upstairs, licked her nipples and her pussy. Then he fucked her cunt through a hole in her pantyhose. A cute skinny girl with a tight pussy was exactly what this guy needed in his life. He enjoyed her body in many positions, and then he came all over her stomach. After such a wild sex session, you can be sure he’s in love with the slutty gold digger.

    Starring: Yuli
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