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    Hot Tattooed Chick, Yaner, Fucked In Club’s Bathroom By Pick-up Artist

    Models: Yaner

    Hot Tattooed Chick, Yaner, Fucked In Club’s Bathroom By Pick-up Artist

    This is a pick-up artist show that ends in an incredible win for one of the contestants. The show is a challenge in which three guys have five minutes to pick up a chick in a club. They all have different approaches. One of the contestants is a hot man who loves to impress with his looks and his abs. The second one is a romantic and sensitive guy who impresses women by showing interest in them. And the third guy is a real man who wastes no time and shows women what he really wants from them. I’ll let you guess who wins the challenge. If you guessed the third guy, you are absolutely right. He went into the club, scanned the room, looking for the hottest and sluttiest looking chick, and that’s how he found Yaner. She is a busty brunette with tattoos dressed in red. Our guy sat down next to her, complimented her ass, showed off his muscles, and before you knew it, he was kissing her. Not only that, but he started feeling up her boobs, and he even slipped his hand down her panties in the middle of the club. It was clear that he won the challenge. But his mission was not over. He took this hot brunette to the bathroom, where he enjoyed his price. He had this hot chick on her knees, sucking his cock, less than ten minutes after he met her. And he fucked her tight pussy in so many positions. He even picked her up and fucked her in the air. In the end, he made her kneel again so that he could cum in her mouth. This dude is the ultimate pickup artist!

    Starring: Yaner
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