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    Nerdy Guy Wins Pick-up Game Show And Fucks Cute Brunette Ranako

    Models: Ranako

    Nerdy Guy Wins Pick-up Game Show And Fucks Cute Brunette Ranako

    It’s time for another pick-up game show. This time, our host and talented pick-up artist is going to help three young men hook up with chicks. All they have to do is go into the club, hit on girls, and listen to all his instructions through the earphones they are wearing. These guys have no pick-up experience. They are regular boys with not a lot of charisma who need all the help they can get. And you’ll be surprised to find out that the nerdiest of them all is also the one who managed to close the deal and win the competition. He was the only one who listened to the instructions carefully and put them into practice without mistake. And he got to kiss a girl in the club. The girl is no one other than Ranako, a cute young brunette with a lovely smile and a killer body. Because the nerdy guy won the challenge, he got a special prize. He was gifted the key to a hotel room above the club so that he and his new girlfriend could spend some time alone. The girl was impressed to find out that the nerdy guy had such famous friends. And she offered herself to him, fully. What’s surprising is that the nerdy guy is not shy when he gets to be alone with a woman. He knew exactly how to play with Ranako’s tits and with her pussy. Also, he has such a nice cock that Ranako loved to worship with her mouth in an excellent blowjob session. Our nerdy guy fully took advantage of his prize. He fucked Ranako in so many positions, and when it was time for him to cum, he pulled out and splashed his load all over her tits.

    Starring: Ranako
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