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    Mio Loses The Adult Beer Run Challenge And Gets Fucked Raw

    Models: Mio

    Mio Loses The Adult Beer Run Challenge And Gets Fucked Raw

    Welcome to the Adult Beer Run, the competition in which three girls have to visit multiple liquor stores and drink all night while walking through the city. But there’s a catch. The girl who gets trunk first will also get fucked hard. That’s the punishment she has to take if she loses the challenge. The contestants are Mio, Wenzi, and Xuan, three young and hot Chinese girls who just want to have fun. They start drinking, and it doesn’t take long for them to get naughty. Soon enough, they’re talking about sucking dick, and by the end of the drinking competition, they start licking bottles like they are cocks and even engage in some lesbian teasing in the middle of the street. After the drinking part of the competition, it was time to assess their drunkness. The girls had to dance for a TikTok video. Both Wenzi and Xuan put on excellent dances. But when it was time for Mio to do her dance, she could barely stand. It was clear that she lost the challenge. So the team took her to the hotel room where she was about to get her punishment. Before all the fucking, she had to answer a dirty Q&A during which she confessed that she loves big cocks and also rim jobs. Lucky for her, the guy who was about to punish her whipped a pretty fat dick. She was so happy with the size of that cock that all her drunkenness went away. She enjoyed sucking and fucking so much that everyone started suspecting she lost on purpose just to have sex at the end of the night. She switched so many positions and had some really nice orgasms. In the end, the guy put his cock in her mouth and gave her his load. Mio loved the taste, and she immediately fell asleep with jizz on her fingers and around her mouth.

    Starring: Mio
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