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    I didn’t realize I was doing anything illegal

    Models: JJ Plush
    I didn’t realize I was doing anything illegal

    JJ Plush crashed her car and did some damage. She decided to leave it there and walk home to deal with it later. Not too long after that an officer, Lilith Lewd appears and places her under arrest for leaving for scene. She is handcuffed and even leg shackled over her Hunter boots. The officer leaves her there for a bit and she paces around, picks up her phone and waits to be ushered off.
    At the station she removes all of her jewelry and gets finger printed. After the finger printing she gets a waist chain and lock box in front. She is taken to another gross little cell to wait and she does.

    Duration: 25:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1891.01 MB


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