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    Officer Bliss in a bind

    Models: Calisa Bliss

    Officer Bliss in a bind

    Calisa Bliss is a beautiful rookie cop. She thinks she can hang with the big strong guys. She gets this really bad guy cuffed up, not knowing that his female companion is hiding nearby and going to catch her off guard. She leaves him cuffed to make a phone call and his lady friend comes in and removes his cuffs but he pretends to still be bound when Officer Bliss returns. Calisa is taken down by the two. The bad guys get to work tying up the pretty cop, elbows and all. The cutie has a lot of fight in her but she is still in a big bind. Her mouth is stuffed with a yellow bandana and black tape is used to seal it in. They need to get her out of there before anyone comes so they subdue her to take her away.
    She is tied to a chair at the new place, breasts bound, nipple clamped, 3 hankys stuffed in her mouth and vetwrap wrapped around her head. She is also wearing a very strict posture collar. Then they use the hitachi on her and she nearly knocks the chair over. What will they do with the pretty young cop???.

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