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    College girl games

    Models: Lilith Lewd

    College girl games

    Lilith Lewd is a college student who is failing a class. She gets word that the professor is into women and into BDSM. Lilith appears at their meeting dressed far more professionally than usual, even wearing pantyhose and heels. She gets to work flirting with the professor who is amused at what she is hearing. She gets to work tying up the petite student who after some time can not stop herself from exclaiming that she invited the Dean to this little meeting once she realizes that this is not going to get her a good grade. The professor doesn’t want to get in trouble over this and leaves Lilith bound on the desk to head off the Dean.
    By the time the professor returns Lilith has kicked off her heels and gotten her ankle rope off and was trying to open the door. Teacher bursts in and stops her in her tracks. Next she is being hogtied on the desk with a pantyhose gag in her mouth and rope around her head and then a stocking cap over her head. The Dean won’t be showing up and our adorable Lilith will not be headed to medical school next semester.

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