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    Extreme Angel, Part Two

    Models: Little Angel

    Extreme Angel, Part Two

    Little Angel's time is far from over…seated on the bars, she will find that it's actually only just begun…Bane smashes a vibe against her clit and she immediately goes straight into wailing mode. She wants to cum but is denied…The Samurai is employed and Angel does her best to contain herself. This appears to be impossible when the wand is pressed back against her clit, evidenced by the massive, streaming, squirting orgasm that ensues. She begs to be released from this orgasmic hold and Bane kindly complies…for a moment…That moment is filled however with equal rigor as Little Angel finds her ass caned red…Next, Angel finds herself stocked in a precarious position. To add to the discomfort, her tongue is mousetrapped… The hook is brandished and soon finds it way into her anus and is tied off for good measure. Angel squirms and squeals in pain as her ass is then paddled…Finally, a good round of whipping rounds out the session right before Bane employs the wand one last time…Angel is once again worked into an orgasmic frenzy as she evacuates her juices upon the Dungeon floor…A highly intense finale to a highly intense shoot…

    Actors: Little Angel
    Duration: 29:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 301.01 MB

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