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    Undercover Angel (1989) - Stacy Lords

    Undercover Angel (1989) - Stacy Lords

    Undercover Angel (1989)

    Starring: Angel, Krystina King, Ashley Winger, Stacy Lords, Lola, Gregor Samsa, Jon Dough, Mike Horner, Scott Irish
    Categories: Classic
    Date Added: 1989
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    Undercover Angel, the latest all-new feature from Intropics is also, the last of Angel. The farewell chapter of this four-part series shows a different side of of our intrepid celestial being. Enjoy this final offering before Angel goes back undercover β€” forever.

    Scene 1. Angel, Mike Horner
    Scene 2. Kristina King, Gregor Samsa
    Scene 3. Angel, Scott Irish
    Scene 4. Kristina King, Jon Dough
    Scene 5. Stacy Lords, Jon Dough
    Scene 6. Angel, Lisa Bright

    17 Oct 2015
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