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    Extreme Angel

    Models: Little Angel
    Extreme Angel

    We feed our Little Angel addiction this week and line her up with Bane on her second StrictRestraint shoot...our fondness for Angel grows every time w e shoot her...she has a great attitude, loves tight bondage and is truly tough and submissive...Bane begins her day with an electric shock electrified copper plate under her tits...when she is forced to relax her back, her tits pay the one point it becomes futile, when her back is too tired to flex...she sets her tits down and bares the shock...Bane toys with her pussy and ass through the the next scene, angel is spread wide open...Bane brings her to orgasm with finger work like he's cooking a two minute egg...he walks away leaving Angel breathless...then he begins impact play...ending with his zip tie drill whip...extreme sting, little effort...

    Actors: Little Angel
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