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    Cross and Ankle Hang

    Models: Maia Davis

    Cross and Ankle Hang

    Maia's time on the cross will not come without suffering. She's gagged tightly then subjected to a vicious flogging. Her screams however seem to know no bounds in spite of that gag. As she is toyed with mercilessly, the intensity is increased when electricity comes into play and she feels the current begin to course through her pelvis. Nipple clamps soon follow and then even more electricity...this time applied to her torso, and Maia begins to wail. Finally, some sense of relief is provided when the vibe is pressed against her cunt...Maia's just reward for her suffering...Released from the cross and now strung up by her heels, Maia is lubed and prepped for the dong. Ogre slides it into place and then smashes a vibe against her clit. The vibe, when kicked into action, sends chills down Maia's spine as she is strung higher up towards the rafters. Ogre then works her into a pummeling orgasm before he reaches for his floggers and pummels her with the leather... Finally, he clamps her nipples before tying them off to a free-weight as Maia prays for release...

    Actors: Maia Davis
    Duration: 21:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 541.01 MB

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