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    In Ogre's Restraints

    Models: Cherie DeVille

    In Ogre's Restraints

    This is remastered content from 2012. On this day, Ogres seizes the bounty that stands before him, beginning by directing Cherie to cuff herself on t he bed. Once he is satisfied, the ritual of pain begins...Meanwhile, Cherie finds herself in the grips of her Master. What takes place next is a whirlwind of intensity as Cherie is on the receiving end of the whip. Further put through her paces, she is then restrained tightly to the cross and it's time for more poking and prodding and even more heavy flogging is in order before she pressed into a blinding orgasm. Then, she finds herself up on the ladder where her ever loving Master kindly fits her with an anal hook. Obediently, yet painfully, Cherie abides...Her just reward is the clamps on her nipples to even her out. In reality, Cherie's a bad girl however and as the whip lands, Cherie's screams fill the air. She pleads to be let down, to be released from this pain…Next, she is spread wide on the cube, her pussy plied with the pole mounted dong. She cums hard for her Master in a blinding fashion. And when given the choice of more vibrator or a good flogging, Cherie inevitably chooses the vibe. She'll get the whip...

    Actors: Cherie DeVille
    Duration: 62:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1311.01 MB

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