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    Scarlet On The Edge

    Models: Scarlet Banks
    Scarlet On The Edge

    Scarlet shifts uncomfortably in her chair, she must be uncomfortable as she ponders what might come. Fear cree ps into her eyes as she is collared and Ogre issues the edict. She will do as he says, nervously she agrees...He ropes her panties tightly and pulls tight before tying the rope off. Then some clamps on her pussy lips, and by this time Scarlet surely has some idea of what is on tap...Her first orgasm is tremendous, her stomach muscles flexing. Already she's broken the golden rule with that orgasm, and the price will be some conditioning. A cane to the pussy and thighs will hopefully keep her in check. And for her second orgasm she seems to be catching on. From there Scarlet is pressed to the limits as she is flogged, whipped and waxed into a series of frenzied orgasms at the hands of her Master. Her screams fill the Dungeon air until the very end as Ogre keeps Scarlet on the edge and the intensity high, while showing no signs of letting up.

    Actors: Scarlet Banks
    Duration: 63:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1411.01 MB

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