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    Yu Ayana Fucked By Two Teachers

    Models: Yu Ayana

    Yu Ayana Fucked By Two Teachers

    After attending a private tutoring meeting, Yu Ayana was with two perverted teachers who wanted to teach her some nasty lessons about sex. She was taken to a sex dungeon, where the teachers prepared many sex toys and BDSM gear for her demise. But first, they wanted to enjoy her pristine nubile body. They ripped off her clothes and began groping and kissing her private parts. They enjoyed her nipples on their lips and the taste of her pussy as Yu was screaming in fear. Then they started getting her used to penetration by introducing a small flashlight inside her vagina and then fucking her with an odd-looking dildo. When she dilated and got wet, they began finger blasting her until her legs started to shake. The next thing Yu learned was how to suck a dick properly. She had to practice on a dildo at first, but soon enough, both teachers took turns fucking her mouth as she helplessly accepted those cocks pushed down her throat. Soon after, she was ready for the final lesson. She had to fulfill her role as a woman and open up her pussy and please the dicks of men. Both teachers took their turns fucking her in all positions imaginable. At some points, her screams turned into moaning. No matter how much she tried to fight it, the drilling of the cocks felt so good inside her little twat. And because the teachers had no respect for her, they didn’t even bother to cum on her belly or use a condom. They came inside her pussy and treated her like a jizz rag. What’s even dirtier is that the second teacher used the sperm of the first one as lube to fuck Yu some more and fill her pussy up even more.

    Starring: Yu Ayana
    Duration: 41:15 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1124.21 MB

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