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    Petite Teen, Mahiro Yozora, Fucks Her Brother’s Best Friend

    Models: Mahiro Yozora

    Petite Teen, Mahiro Yozora, Fucks Her Brother’s Best Friend

    Mahiro Yozora was home alone when a young man knocked at her door. It was her brother’s best friend. But her brother was not home. So she invited a friend to come in and wait for her brother. They started talking, and then the talking turned into playful flirting. They started playing a game, and the horny young man got an idea. He wanted to introduce some punishments into the game. And the punishments were about stripping. In no time, he had the young, skinny teen naked on the couch. Her small perky breasts and that hairy tight pussy turned him on so much. He began fingering her cunt, and then he got his head between her legs and licked her while she screamed and shivered. When Mahiro wanted to return the favor, she was amazed by the size of his cock. She began worshipping that dick, which barely fit in her mouth. Even though she’s young, she is such a great cock sucker, using both her mouth and hands and making sure not to forget about the balls. And she can also maintain focus on sucking when she has her pussy licked in 69. Mahiro is amazing for 69 because her skinny body is fun-sized. When the guy finally got his cock inside her pussy, she began screaming. The cock is a bit too big for her, but she had such a fun time riding it and getting drilled. Mahiro got fucked so hard that she forgot to tell her brother’s friend not to cum inside her. She got a messy creampie, and then the friend left.

    Starring: Mahiro Yozora
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