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    Mio Ito is a cute Japanese candy store girl who comes to learn how to fuck!

    Models: Mio Ito

    Mio Ito is a cute Japanese candy store girl who comes to learn how to fuck!

    Mio Ito is such a romantic. She loves to read romance novels and dream of romance and love. She is still quite young and still studies at the Uni. She also works part time at a candy store. She loves to eat sweets so that helps. She is just eighteen years old and has that cute baby face. She is single and broke up with her boyfriend several months ago so she is kinda lonely. Mio is a typical Japanese girl that loves to spend her free time out shopping and at cafés. We met in the park and brought her back to the studio to ask her some intimate questions. Mio tells us that she likes to watch porn and masturbate. She has only had one lover in her life. She loves to touch her clit when she gets off. She only does it about twice a week. She decided to come and visit our studios as her lover told her she was bad in bed and she wanted to try to get some experience so that she could be better the next time she has a lover. The exact thought that went through our minds when she said that, ‘Jackpot’! We would love to be a teacher in bed and show her how to pleasure a man and get pleasured by him. As you can imagine we were very excited to get started and we got started slowly with just some light kissing. We then got down in front of her and spread her legs so we could get to her pussy. She had some cute panties on that were pulled up tight into her tiny pussy. Go see what we did once we saw that bulge in her panties!!

    Starring: Mio Ito
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