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    Rigged for Pleasure

    Models: Bella Bends
    Rigged for Pleasure

    Bella is a California girl, all the way...a fun and smiley, laid back demeaner mixed with that blonde and blue is unmistakable...We direct her to pose and strip...then into a standing tie...we rig her in a more suitable position for pleasure and add a vibrator between her thighs...Bella submits and cums in a lovely showing of bound pleasure...Beautiful blonde Bella gets bound again...cuffed into spreaders and ball-gagged, she struggles on the bed for freedom...with none to be had, we strip her and tie her legs back...the magic wand makes easy work of Bella who ends up in long moans...tired and overstimulated from a long day of shooting, we still rip a few hard orgasms from her sweet pussy...

    Actors: Bella Bends
    Duration: 25:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 691.01 MB

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