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    Bent and Fucked

    Models: Bella Bends
    Bent and Fucked

    Bella decided to take Bends as a last name for obvious reasons...Quite simply, she is very flexible...We love to get our ropes on these contortionist types...especially when they are a hot blonde with a smokin body and big blue eyes...Bella gives us a nice strip tease and shows off some of those bendy skills, then she gets herself off...quite like a little slut, I might's easy to see, Bella is a glutton for orgasms...We go ahead and bend her backwards in a reverse tie and fuck her from behind...There are very few models who could pull this off...and Bella even manages to cum...pointing her toes to perfection as the machine pounds her pussy...

    Actors: Bella Bends
    Duration: 38:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 991.01 MB

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