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    Yaner Fucks A Virgin Man On His Birthday With People Watching

    Models: Yaner

    Yaner Fucks A Virgin Man On His Birthday With People Watching

    Yaner is a stripper, and she has a special client today. She was hired by a group of car enthusiasts to make the birthday of one of their friends, George, very special. The group of young people blindfolded George and put cake on his face. And then they introduced the surprise. They got Yaner’s big tits out and covered them in cake. Then they put them on George’s face so that he could lick them clean. He never licked tits or pussy before. That’s why their friends arranged a special b-day gift for him. Yaner made an exception and fucked her client. She took off her panties and let the virgin boy eat her pussy and ass from behind. Then she got on her knees and sucked his dick while everyone was watching. After a nice blowjob, she got his cock wet and hard. So she got on top of him and rode his dick in ways only a stripper could. She twerked so nicely on the cock, and impressed everyone who was watching. After a while, the virgin boy got confidence. He got up and railed Yaner from behind. She was surprised with the skills of the virgin boy and even asked him how is he so good for the first time. George simply replied that he watches a lot of porn. Then they got on an air mattress in the middle of the garage, where George proved his sex skills in front of everyone. He fucked Yaner so good that she came on his dick. And when it was time for him to cum, he didn’t hesitate to put his cock in her mouth and fill her up with his jizz.

    Starring: Yaner
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