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    The promotion game

    Models: Riley Jane
    The promotion game

    Riley Jane and JJ are competing for a promotion at work. They appear hogtied with stocking caps on with their mouths stuffed and nylons being used to hold in the stuffing. The ladies work hard to escape the binds with JJ taking the lead and eventually untying herself and retying Riley.
    Riley gets her mouth re-stuffed over the stocking cap, clear vinyl tape wrapped around her head, a crotch rope, and frogtied before being hogtied with JJ shoving her feet in Riley’s face, JJ nibbling on Riley’s pantyhose clad feet and yanking on her crotch rope with her feet and then leaving her hogtied with her toes tied while she heads away to tell the boss that she won the promotion.

    Duration: 39:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 2991.01 MB


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