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    Chihiro Nitta Doesn’t Wear Panties Under Her Kimono

    Models: Chihiro Nitta

    Chihiro Nitta Doesn’t Wear Panties Under Her Kimono

    Do you like upskirt porn? How about an upskirt experience with a hot Japanese lady who wears a kimono? We bring you Chihiro Nitta, a beautiful young brunette lady. She’s 20, but she loves dressing up in traditional outfits. And she looks so good in a kimono. Before we explored her body, we wanted to explore her sex life. So we had a naughty interview with her, during which we pushed her to confess many things. She told us how many sex partners she had, how she likes to be fucked, and where she likes to get the cumshot of the guys who are fucking her. She’s a bit shy, but we love that about her. The final question of the interview was asking her if she is wearing any panties. And for the joy of all upskirt porn fans, she told us that she isn’t wearing panties, and she agreed to show us. We asked her to uncover herself one layer at a time so that you will be teased out of your mind until you finally get to see what she has between her legs. And the waiting is well worth it because her pussy is phenomenal. She has a perfectly shaped twat, with lips that are not that big but not small either. Her twat looks like a flower, and she shaved it clean for us. We filmed the beauty of her vagina from many angles and up-close shots. You’ll drool thinking about how sweet that cunt would taste if she’d sit on your face while wearing that kimono. We spread it open, fingered it, and put her through a nice clit rubbing session. She got so wet from all this fingering pleasure. Stay tuned to see the second part of this slutty kimono lady’s adventure on the porn set.

    Starring: Chihiro Nitta
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