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    Xiang Xiang wears thong panties and gets lots of attention as she bends over

    Models: Xiang Xiang

    Xiang Xiang wears thong panties and gets lots of attention as she bends over

    A couple of seniors are having a hard time deciding what class they want to take. They seem more interested in getting into a class that has hot girls in it and don’t really care about the subject. They seem to think that a lot of the clubs have a lot of girls that are not that hot. One of them mentions that the badminton class is great as the girls wear short skirts and bend over to play. They go behind the courts and peek into the class and some of the girls are so hot as they bend over and are not wearing any of the safety shorts under their skirts. The view is great as one of the girls seems to be wearing thong panties and no safety shorts under her skirt. The class proceeds and these guys decide that they are going to join in just to watch the girls. While playing they notice that the sports teacher is taking his time and very hands on with some of the girls as he shows them how to play correctly. This is Xiang Xiang and she has a hot ass and they all know it because she likes to wear her thong panties when she plays. The teacher seems to be getting horny as he reaches around and starts to grab her body. She is a bit shy but once he puts his hands between her legs and starts to rub her pussy she gets horny too! GO see what he does next to her as he takes off her top and bra.

    Starring: Xiang Xiang
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