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    Hot Taiwan commercial model fucks a handsome salesman

    Models: Lina

    Hot Taiwan commercial model fucks a handsome salesman

    This is a very tired salesman. Every day he gets up and goes to work to sell mattresses. He has no life other than home to work and back home every day. He dreams of selling mattresses. He has no girlfriend and just spends his time watching porn and home. He has a director come to his shop to film a commercial. A sexy Taiwan model does the commercial and watches him while she is shooting. She thinks he is a poor salesman with no life but still very handsome. She decides she is going to make his dream come true and give him something special. She walks up to him and kisses him when she notices him watching her. All he can think of is how hot she looked dancing for the commercial in her sexy outfit. She slides down his body and kneels in front of him and pulls his erect cock out of his pants. She wants him in her mouth. She slides his cock in her mouth and spends the next hour sucking and licking him. It was a miracle he did not cum in her mouth. He must have spent all morning jerking off as he held on and did not cum after that tremendous blowjob. She then led him to the sofa and had him sit down with his legs spread so she could lick and suck on his balls. She took care of him and jerked his cock with his balls in her mouth. She then told him to lick her pussy! She spread her legs for him and pulled him down between her legs and he licked and sucked on her pussy lips! Go see what they did next in the full video!

    Starring: Lina
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