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    A cheating boyfriend asks his sexy girl to cheat on him with his best friend

    Models: Wang Yixin

    A cheating boyfriend asks his sexy girl to cheat on him with his best friend

    It seems that Miss Wang has a cheating boyfriend. She is often left alone at home as her boyfriend takes off for days without returning home or any contact. When he does return home, he is often quite high. He likes to run around town and do as he pleases while his girlfriend sits at home waiting for him. She is tired of this behaviour. She decides to play a trick on him. His friend has come over to see him tonight and he is going to help her. She decides to call him and tell him that his friend is visiting her and that they are cheating on him. She thinks that this will cause him to be so jealous that he will return to her. That did not seem to work so his friend after watching her shower, suggests that they really do touch some and see what happens. He starts out by massaging her and getting her relaxed. They start off with some light touching and then he grabs her breasts and massages them. He is now wanting more and he takes off her shorts and panties and reaches between her legs to massage her pussy. She has a cleanly shaved pussy and he slides his fingers deep into inside her. She is now horny and wants him. She reaches out to touch his cock and then sits up to put it in her mouth. She is hungry for him and she slides his dick deep into her mouth. Now they are not stopping and he turns her over to get on top of her and slide his dick into her wet pussy. Maybe her boyfriend will be jealous now that his friend has been having sex with his girlfriend.

    Starring: Wang Yixin
    Duration: 33:15 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1424.21 MB

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