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    The Bound Fairy

    Models: Penelope Kay
    The Bound Fairy

    Penelope is about the most spritely human I have ever adorable woman with a high pitched voice and a smart ass attitude...her big tits and ro und ass are perfect, but those big eyes and cute face, along with her personality really complete the picture...she is a sexy fairy...After having her strip and gagging her, I tie her up and have my fun...the scene ends in a tight hogtie, being pulled up until her lower half is off the ground...I tease her with a vibrator but leave her longing...In the next scene, she is spread wide in the takes some time to get her started, but once she begins moaning, the orgasms arent far behind with the magic wand...With spread legs, bent over in a strappado, and her tits hanging beautifully from her chest, I leave her mouth free for her corporal punishment...Penelope is the type of woman who smiles and giggles as you swat her ass, but she is wincing by the end of the session...Then, stretched and spread, the vibrator works her into a frenzy again, and multiple orgasms, as she struggles to endure the pleasure overload applied to her clitoris...

    Actors: Penelope Kay
    Duration: 57:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1311.01 MB

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