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    The Struggle and Cum Show

    Models: Octavia Red

    The Struggle and Cum Show

    I take some time to talk to Octavia, as she stands there, ready to submit...Her graceful personality is very easy to talk with...she is such a sweet y oung woman...she strips on command and I begin the bondage...She begins with her hands tied behind a pole and feet tied together...She is gagged and I begin by groping her thoroughly, of course...I add ropes to further hinder her movements...A tight crotch rope is applied, followed by the magic wand, and I must say, she does look mouth-watering as she struggles for comfort...Next, I lay her down, rope her feet to the platform and rig her wrists into my winch...I stretch her beautiful body before flogging her front...a dildo on a stick, paired with a magic wand is inserted and tied into her pussy...Unable to pull her hips away, she experiences many orgasms...Next, her wrists and ankles are locked into a spreader, and I leave her with her ass up, ready for punishment...In the final scene, she is tied down in a seated position, with her legs spread and hands tied above her head...I crank the winch to make sure she is pulled tightly...The vibrator is mounted to her pussy, and Octavia gives us another struggle and cum show...Enjoy, Ogre...

    Actors: Octavia Red
    Duration: 60:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1641.01 MB

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