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    Scuffle and Grind

    Models: Tristyn Kennedy
    Scuffle and Grind

    Tristyn's made quite the impression on everyone at DungonCorp and it's no mystery as to why really. She's got just a spectacular body on her and she's up for experimentation, all qualities that we gluttons admire...We kick it off by roping her hands behind her back, tying her her legs tightly and then hoisting her off the ground. Tristyn puts up quite the scuffle, her lovely body on the display to all of us, and we soak in the view...We watch intently as she drools profusely, her energy diminishing until she is like putty in our hands... Or is she?... We soon find that she's still got a little kick left in her once we bind her to the bench...she gets an "A" for effort undoubtedly. To pacify this aggression we rig the vibe to her pussy and Tristyn actually kicks into yet another gear...It's amazing to witness...She grinds hard on the wand almost engulfing it's head in her pussy...This one's definitely a keeper...

    Actors: Tristyn Kennedy
    Duration: 18:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 211.01 MB

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