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    Macey Returns

    Models: Macey Jade
    Macey Returns

    Those big baby blues and huge tits may look familiar to some...We had a great time keeping her bound before, and I was happy to bring Macey back for m ore...I begin with a tight pole tie, and add rope as Macey waits anxiously to see what's next...After tying each tit, I give her the's her reward and mine...She is then laid in a hogtied position with her head in a gag harness and rigged up...I continue to play with her pussy, using dildo and vibrator...In the next scene she is bent over and spanked, flogged, tailed and caned...I end with Macey stretched and spread on the rack...clamps are used on her nipples and she is left with the vibrator buzzing her clit...her waist is tied down...she cant pull away and a cycle of orgasms ensues...

    Actors: Macey Jade
    Duration: 45:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1111.01 MB

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